Privacy Policy


This privacy policy of, explains, elaborates how we collect data, user information when you registered on our website. This policy is applicable to all users, using our websites: This website may include some external links or third party websites. Our privacy policy is only applicable to our website only.


Will update you every time if there is any change in our policies, terms and conditions. If we use the services from our websites, you are automatically agreeing to our changed terms and conditions.

Information we collect:

By using our sites, you may have to provide some basic information for some special activities, for your account creation and for promotional activities. We may also use some advanced technologies such as cookies, log files to collect your data.

Using Your Information:

ValueTag may use user information that we collected from your use of the sites during crating the account with us, during submitting any feedbacks, reviews to us by third parties are as follows:

Information collected by Third Party : use third parties offers, advertising deals to serve ads when any user visit our website. Also, we use analytics by Google and other tools provides by other websites and they use your cookies, other tracking modes to collect data. This data helps us to serve you better. We may also use Google Adwords, Bing Ads for advertisement purpose. These tools may use data, locations information for following reasons:

For Google PPC Remarketing advertisement.

Using first party cookies, we may use your data to serve ads on your favorite past visit websites.

What about accessing Third Party websites via ValueTagApp?

The user may access the third parties sites through when he clicks external links and visit on third party sites. This privacy policy terms and conditions do not apply when you exit, leave our website and enters on other websites. ValueTag does not have any control over other websites.

Last Updated on January 17, 2015